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Detached Garage Benefits in Chicago, IL

From new builds to home upgrades, you may be torn between an attached or detached garage. Better Built Garages is here to help you make a confident and informed decision for your Chicago, IL, home. We are here to serve as your guide to detached garage benefits. Let’s unlock the detached garage perks that make these additions invaluable investments.

Unlock Detached Garage Benefits With Premier Garage Experts

Better Built Garages proudly stands as Chicago, IL’s premier garage expert. Family-owned and operated since 1956, we have successfully completed thousands of garage projects for homes of all types. With premium materials, industry-leading craftsmanship, and a dedication to our community, look to us for garage excellence.

Detached Garage

Exploring Your Options

Before choosing the right garage for your home, it’s important to understand your distinct needs. We recommend assessing the reason for your new addition, your functional requirements, aesthetic objectives, and budget. Uncovering these key factors will help guide you toward the right choice for your lifestyle and property.

Detached Garage vs Attached Garage Benefits

Garages are an excellent investment when it comes time to upgrade your home with the addition of usable space. However, determining the right type of garage can be challenging. There are two primary types of garages, detached and attached, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Detached Garage Basics

Contrary to popular belief, detached garages are the classic form of garage. Historically, detached garages were structures built to serve as carriage houses. Over time, these additions evolved into the self-contained units we recognize today, offering the same features as a standard garage without the spatial limitations.

Unlock the Pros of Detached Garage Ownership

At Better Built Garages, we recognize the value in both attached and detached garages. However, for those prioritizing greater space and optimal convenience, we recommend opting for a detached garage. Let’s uncover the leading detached garage perks to empower you to make an informed decision for your home.

Seamlessly Complementing Classic & Modern Architecture

Detached garages can be customized to suit classic and contemporary style preferences. Unlike attached garages, which boast a consistently modern appeal, detached garages can be designed to suit older and newer homes. They can also seamlessly complement just about any architectural style to ensure a blended, natural-looking addition.

Keep Your Main House the Focal Point

Unfortunately, too often, we see new attached garages that dominate the appearance of the home. To ensure that your main house remains the focal point of your property, opt for a detached garage. Detached garages can be placed behind, ahead, next to, or angled to your home, ensuring your house remains center stage.

Unlimited Design Opportunities

Attached garages are limited in terms of space and design. You can’t go too big because it will infringe on the main house, and you can’t stray too far from the architectural design without creating an eyesore. One of the leading detached garage perks is the power of customization, which allows you to have more space and design opportunities.

Tailored Structural Elements

Attached garage roofs must match your home roof to prevent aesthetic discrepancies. On the other hand, detached garages are separate from your home, eliminating the need to conform to your existing structural elements. With an attached garage, you can embrace structural flair with diverse garage door and roofing options, such as a flat, hip, or gable roof.

Greater Landscaping Space

Attached garages reduce some of the usable space surrounding your home, minimizing your landscaping possibilities. Detached garages, on the other hand, free up the area around your driveway. This grants you room to plant flower beds, install hardscaping elements, or even add a small patio area.

Added Storage Space With a Detached GarageOwning a Detached Garage

Attached garage designs are restricted because they are connected to your home. As such, these areas may not be large enough to satisfy the additional storage demands you’re looking to satisfy. Fortunately, you can achieve added storage space with a detached garage, eliminating spatial restrictions to fully accommodate your needs without hassle.

Detached Garage Security Advantages

There are numerous detached garage perks in terms of security and privacy. Perhaps the most advantageous is that a detached garage reduces home entry points, whereas an attached garage allows more opportunities for unauthorized property access. This can provide you with a greater sense of safety and protection.

Embrace Privacy With a Detached Garage

A detached garage provides enhanced privacy for those seeking to use their garage as a workshop, home gym, or studio. These additions can be transformed into whatever type of space you’re looking to achieve without compromising on the comfort of your main house. You can play music, watch TV, or hang out without interrupting distractions.

Minimize External Noise

Expanding on detached garage privacy, these buildings also minimize noise. If you’re seeking to use your detached garage to tap into work, hobbies, or alone time, you will appreciate the respite from external sounds. Similarly, this also keeps your family members inside the home from being bothered by power tools, music, and other noisy activities.

Detached Garage Convenience

The convenience of a detached garage is exceptional. These structures can be entirely personalized to your requirements and preferences. Since they are a couple of steps away from your home, you may opt to install heating and air conditioning, a bathroom, or other comfort and convenience features to optimize your space.

Limit Exposure to Chemicals & Toxins

Garages often house an array of chemicals and gases. From heavy cleaners to insecticides, paint, and motor oil, these toxins are best kept far from your living space. Fortunately, with a detached garage, you can limit your exposure to harmful substances to uphold good indoor air quality in your home.

Increased Property Value With a Detached Garage

One of the leading detached garage perks is the ability to increase property value. These desirable features are an asset to prospective buyers as they are versatile and open the door to far more storage space. Furthermore, when properly designed, they can be aesthetically pleasing additions that contribute to the property’s curb appeal.

Unrivaled Versatility

When exploring the advantages of detached garages, you can’t overlook their versatility. These stand-alone structures are commonly used to house vehicles and tools. However, they can be transformed into just about anything else, from a home gym to a workshop, studio, office space, or even a guest house to accommodate guests and loved ones.

Create a Small Rental Space

A detached garage unveils the possibility of creating a small rental space. If you choose to convert this addition into a living area, you may secure extra income by renting it out as a storage unit or micro-dwelling. This is a lucrative choice to quickly recover the expenditure required to build it.

Leave Room for Expansion

An attached garage can seldom be modified to suit growing needs due to spatial barriers. In contrast, a detached garage leaves ample room for expansion. You may choose to start small, but as these additions are built away from the main house, you have the opportunity to add on or redesign as your needs evolve.

Detached Garage Drawbacks

When comparing detached garage vs attached garage benefits, assessing the drawbacks is equally important. While detached garages unlock great value and endless potential, they do have certain considerations that make them less suitable for certain homeowners. With a commitment to transparency, Better Built Garages is here to ensure you’re informed on the pros and cons.

Key Detached Garage Considerations

The pros of detached garage ownership usually outweigh the cons. However, depending on your requirements and preferences, they may not be right for your home. The drawbacks include:

  • Less accessible with a further walking distance
  • More complex to build
  • Greater expenditure than most attached garages
  • Takes up property space
  • Additionally utility costs

Let’s Recap the Leading Detached Garage Benefits

There are plenty of detached garage perks. Let’s recap the leading detached garage benefits that make these additions a worthy and wise investment, including:

  • Maximized storage space
  • Versatile and multipurpose
  • Enhanced security, privacy, and safety
  • Increased property value
  • Room for expansion
  • Entirely customizable
  • Protection for vehicles, tools, and belongings

Your Source for New Builds & Remodels

At Better Built Garages, we strive to make your detached garage dreams a reality. Our professionals specialize in new builds, remodels, and refacing solutions. Whether you’re looking to build from the ground up or redesign your existing space, we’re here to unlock limitless potential and maximize the value of your Chicago property.

Premium Detached Garage Construction

Exceed the industry standard with premium materials and renowned craftsmanship with Better Built Garages. With a commitment to quality in every facet of your services, our detached garage designs are the convergence of stability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. From sturdy framing lumber to resilience siding, count on us for detached garages that withstand the test of time.

Experience the Advantages of Detached Garages for Yourself

Bring form and function to your Chicago property with a detached garage design and construction that exceeds your expectations. Better Built Garages is here to empower your home with value, performance, storage, and curb appeal. Contact our friendly team today to schedule a consultation to get started with your custom detached garage.